شیخ محمد عابد سندھی رحمہ اللہ کی خدمات حدیث

  • Muhammad Tahir Sindhi ریسرچ اسکالر سندھ یونیورسٹی جامشورو٬ سندھ
Keywords: شیخ محمد عابد سندھی،حدیث کی خدمت،سندھ، سوانح شیخ عابد۔


History bears witness that when the world was lost in the darkness of illiteracy, Sindh was a land that was an illuminating jewel on the map of earth and was famous for the contribution of Sindhis towards the fields of Islamic sciences. A number of prestigious institutions were established at the hands of people of this land. Like all other branches of knowledge, the study of Hadith was a prominent feature of these centers of learning in Sindh. One of the key Hadith Scholars of Sindh who enjoy an unparalleled repute is Shaikh Muhamad Abid Sindhi. He made his contribution by teaching and preparing a number of scholars and writing around thirty-five books. In this article we have presented an overview of his key works including their background, key subject area, compilation, transmission and teaching. The scope of this article is focused on the contributions of sheikh in the field of sciences of hadiths. As per our research, his books that cover this aspect of Islamic sciences are fifteen in number and can be classified in four sub-categories. Each category is further explained in detail during the article.