Keywords: Islam, Human Rights, Honour, Protection, Social Justice, Equal, Duty, Obligation.


The objective of Islam is to establish economic equality, social justice, and fairness in all spheres of the life of individuals and societies. Islam put a very clear prohibition on slavery and discriminated social grades and caste-systems, and asserts on the human dignity through the golden principles of universal brotherhood among all human and gave a special honor to the women. These principles are considered integral parts the UN charters and constitutions of civilized world for establishing exploitation free society. In the view of Islam, in the divine religions as well, all races of human, white and black or brown are born from Adam and Eve. Allah, the almighty creator, has made them vary in colour, language and has placed them in different lands, but before Him they are all one and cherished by Him alike, and he is most honoured who is most righteous. Islam described the rights and duties of all kinds of people as all are equal in gender as human being. This paper examines the rights of individual in the lights of Holy Quran specially Surah al-Nisa verse 36 and the Sunah specially the last sermon of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).