ترجمات معانی القرآن الكریم إلى اللّغة السّندیة (دراسة تاریخیّة

  • Muhammad Saleem Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies and Arabic, Government College University, Faisalabad.
  • Hafiz Hamid Hammad Assistant professor, Department of Islamic Studies and Arabic, Government College University, Faisalabad.
Keywords: Translation, Holy Qur’an, Sindhi language, translators, Sindhi, Qurān. ترجمة


The Article is a comprehensive historical study of translations of the meanings of Holy Qur’an. The Translations of the meanings of Holy Qur’an was a matter of serious consideration in the early period of Islam. With the passage of Time, translation of the meanings of Holy Quran has become very necessary to preach the message of Islam as well as Holy Qura’n for Non Arabian people. It was stated by the Muslim historians that Hazrat Salman Al Farsi translated Surah Al Fatiha and Basmalah into Persian Language for understanding of Persian Muslims. Muslim scholars mentioned some other evidences regarding the justification of translation of the meanings of Holy Qur’an in other than Arabic Languages. As concerned, Sindhi Language, it belongs to Indo-Aryan language. It is an historical language of Sind region, according to the survey of 2007, the language is spoken by 25 million people of Sindh. Sind is a southeastern province of Pakistan. It is regulated by Sindhi language authority. Its writing system is like as: Arabic script Gurumukhi, Landau script, Indi Roman and Kindabadi script, it has been declared is an official language of the province of Sind. The language is very rich with Arabic, Words, terms and influence of Qur’an and rest of Islamic sciences. The Article reflects the services of translators of the meanings of Holy Qur’an who have done their translations of Holy Qur’an into Sindhi language. As concerned the names of theses translators: Akhwand Aziz-u-llah, Muhammad Siddiq Norang Potta, Qazi Sharf-u-deen Al suhanwi, Syed  taj-u-ddeen  Al-Amrooti, Moulana Nor Muhammad Adil poori, Abd-ur-rahim Manghi, Moulana Shanawaz peer zada, Muhammad Madni, Muhammad Abdullaha Khdahari, Ahmad Mallaha, Muhammad Ismail Shakarpoori, Abdul waris Dil, Professor  abdullaha Tenu, Abdul Kareem Qureshee, and Abdul Hayee Abrro etc. The article describes their contribution towards Quranic and Islamic literature in Sindhi language.