Keywords: Marriage, Muslims, Non-Muslims, Hadiths


In present times, four questions are of great importance about marriage between Muslims and non-Muslims. The first and basic question is why in Islam is it forbidden for Muslims to marry non-Muslims. When people of different religions are living together happily and even if they have established good relations and living with social harmony, then what is wrong with it? And if two people can live a happy life irrespective of their religion, then why is there a problem to Islam? What is the justification on banning them to marry inter-religiously when they do not care about religion? The second question is, Islam has allowed a Muslim to marry women from the people of Books (who follow holy scriptures i.e., Christians or Jews). Then, will the present western women fall in this category and are Muslim men allowed to marry them? Third question is, Islam has allowed men to marry women from people of Books, but why did it not allow a Muslim woman to marry a Christian or Jewish man? Fourth question is, when a woman embraces Islam ahead of her husband, and due to some inevitable situations, she cannot separate from her husband, then what are the rulings of marriage for such woman under these circumstances? Nowadays, in India and in the West, women who embrace Islam and having children, are worried that if they separate from their husbands, no one would be there to look after them. Then, may they stay in the same marriage with their husbands? In this article, the above raised questions are discussed in the light of the hadiths (sayings of prophet  and his companions).