Keywords: Reforms, women, dower, inheritance, crises, restrictions, rights


In the beginning of Islam, the position of woman was extremely terrible. Women had lost their respect and honor. Usually men were losing their wives in gambling games. Killing wives by their husbands was like a killing of pet animal. Women were victim of sexual harassment. Divorced and widowed women were not allowed to remarry. They were not entitled to receive any rights. Women were classified against even in the matter of food. Men would certainly treat their wives with injustice, harshly and seize all of their rights. They were practically made untouchables, during the menses. They had to face many worst restrictions and customs. Women were viewed as an embodiment of sin, evil and disgraces .Among many nations, the custom of disposing of daughters by killing was common. There was a doubt, whether women were human beings and whether God had granted them a soul or not. But Islam taught the world that women are as much a human beings as men. Islam did justice to women. They gained all their rights that they had not earlier imagined. In short, women were raised from dishonor to honor and dignity by Islam.