(Research study in the context of “Ma'alim al-Sunan”)

Keywords: Khattabi, Hadith, Ma`lim us Sunan, Explanations, Fiqh, Language, Literature, Inference, Ijtihad, Jurisprudential views.


Imam Khattabi is a muhaddith of the 4th century AH.  He has rendered some unique services in the field of hadith such as writing the first commentaries of Sahih Bukhari and Sunan Abu Dawood, etc. In addition, he gained fame not only in literature and hadith but also in jurisprudence and also became famous as a jurist. Ma'alim al-Sunan, which is his well-known work, is not only a great source of understanding of hadith, but also a telling proof of his jurisprudential insight. Therefore, while commenting, he also discusses issues and rules in different ways, sometimes he describes in detail the issues contained in the same hadith and sometimes he quotes several hadiths and discusses them all together in jurisprudence. As required, he sometimes works briefly and sometimes at length. He also mentions the differences in jurisprudence and in this regard, sometimes he clarifies the name of the persuader and sometimes he does not. When quoting dissenting opinions, he sometimes expresses a preferential opinion and sometimes suffices to quote only the statements, however, there are many places where he prefers. If there is any defect in the jurisprudential opinions of the scholars in the matter, then he also gives an excuse on their behalf like this hadith may not have reached them at all, etc. Sometimes he also attributes opinions to various schools of thought, such as the “Ashaab ul Ray” and the “Ashaab e Malik” etc. In various places, he has also made arrangements to explain the causes and wisdom of Shariah rules. According to most of the ahadith, he also deduces problems through his understanding and ijtihad, and sometimes even offers very precise and profound inferences through which his jurisprudential and ijtihad power can be well assessed.