الأحاديث التي أعلها الإمام الطبراني في المعجم الأوسط بالتفرد ولها متابعات


Al-Mu'jam Al-Awasat by Imam Sulaiman bin Ahmad Al-Tabarani consists of hadiths with the chain of transmission. Also, Imam Al- Tabarani had passed comments after a large number of the hadiths that there is individuality by the specific narrator from his teacher (Sheikh). These comments are regarding "Elal al-Hadith" that when a narrator individually narrated the hadith from his teacher so, it is considered a weakness in the hadith narrated by this chain of transmission. Although, the comments regarding this individuality are the difficult part of hadith's sciences, and only the specialist "Muhaddith" can do it. The individuality of a trustworthy narrator does not make any weakness in his narration, but the unique narration of an unreliable narrator is rejected among the scholars of hadith. It is also known in the hadith's sciences that the appendage (Mutaba'a) gives strength to and raises the level of any hadith in authenticity criteria and the status of a weak hadith can be raised to the rank of the good by means of another chain of transmission.

The critical study of five hundred hadiths of the book of Al- Tabarani results shows that many comments of Al- Tabarani in this regard are contradicted and so many of them are dismissed by appendage. There are forty-seven hadiths are reported and this article highlights these hadiths.

Several hadith's scholars criticized some of Al- Tabarani's comments like Ibne Hajar Al-Asqalani in his book (تغليق التعليق) and Abu Ishaq Al-Huwaini in his book (تنبيه الهاجد إلى ما وقع من النظر في كتب الأماجد). This article is divided into a preface, three axes, and a conclusion. The preface shows the importance of this study, and the axes show the different kinds of appendages.