صحیح بخاری میں تکرار ِمتون واسانیدکے اسباب (ایک تحقیقی مطالعہ)

Keywords: Hadith, Sahih Bukhari, Imam Bukhari, Sanad, Matan, Repitition, Mo`an`an, Marfoo`, Moqoof, Gharabat, Riwayat Bil M`ana, Reasons, Wisdoms.


Sahih Bukhari has the honor of being the most correct book after the Book of Allah. One of the features of this book is its repetition in Mutoon (متون) and Asaneed (اسانید). Undoubtedly, this repetition mentioned by Imam Bukhari is not without purpose but there are many wisdoms hidden in it. If you look at the repetition of the chain of transmission, then one of the motives behind it is to prove the connection of the Mo`an`an (معنعن) tradition. Those narrators who have narrated the narration from “An” (عن) prove that they have listened to their own Shaykh by quoting other Asanads. Thus, there is no objection to the hadith. This was one of the matters of repetition in Asanid and if the reasons for the repetition of the texts are examined, it becomes clear that an important reason for the repetition of the text is the inference of jurisprudential issues, what is meant is that if a hadeeth contains a number of issues, then they have copied it in different books and chapters and deduced more than one issue from it. Similarly, one of the reasons for the repetition of texts is that sometimes the narrators of a hadith narrate the same hadith with more or less words, so Imam Bukhari brings the same hadith again and again, so that additional problems can be deduced from the extra words contained in it. It is clear from the above lines that the repetition of the Ahadith in Sahih Bukhari is not in vain but contains many benefits and wisdoms.