• Bashir Rehman Hanif Assistant Professor, Hadith and its Sciences, Faculty Usool Din, International Islamic University, Islamabad.
  • Abdul Latif Sajid Lecturer, Hadith and its Sciences, Faculty Usool Din, International Islamic University, Islamabad
Keywords: Mental Health, Good Social Relations, Especially Prayers


The era in which we live in an era of anxiety and turmoil. Mental illnesses have spread dangerously, the large number of suicides and self-immolations we see today on the scene is only a result of that and the percentage and proportion of these problems and complexities in Western countries are proportionally more than in Muslim countries. If we contemplate the Prophetic Sunnah, we find sublime prophetic directions that guide us to successful and useful means to achieve mental health and get rid of mental illnesses. Achieving steadfast faith in God, the Mighty, and Sublime, and reliance and trust in Him in all matters saves man from many psychological problems. Acts of worship, especially prayers, fasting, reading The Qur’an, remembrance, gratitude for blessings, contentment with self-sufficiency, patience and lack of anger, permissible humor and fun between loved ones, good social relations, especially good conduct with relatives and kinship ties, are all successful and beneficial means of achieving mental health. Through this research, I tried to shed light and highlight the means that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, guided the Muslim in this regard. So, I studied this topic in the light of the Ahadith in which this topic was dealt with and discussed being mindful to include the accepted and sound Ahadith only and refraining from the rejected ones. The research article is divided into a preamble, seven topics, and a conclusion at the end.